Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jack Greene "Statue Of A Fool"

Happy Birthday today to Jack Greene (1/7/30) who was born in Maryville TN.  Greene got his start in the record business as a vocalist in Ernest Tubb's band, but he hardly had the same almost-on-key "twang" as his boss. In fact, Greene's smooth, pleasant sound contrasted a great deal with Tubb's blue-collar intonation. Nicknamed "the Jolly Green Giant," Greene learned guitar and drums but mined his vocal chords for a solid string of hit records from 1966-1969, including one with Jeannie Seely, who joined his road show and recorded duets with him for several years. A bit of trivia: in 1967, Greene became the first country artist ever to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Enjoy a video from jack below from 2008 singing Statue Of A Fool, and to support the Classic Country Nation blog click an ad or two, or click the following link to purchase some of Jack's music. Jack Greene Music and DVDS

God Bless & Keep it Classic!

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